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Intelligent resource management is essential to maximize lifespan of the mines, drive efficiencies to sustain the business and support future growth, and address environmental concerns. Having health, safety and environmental concerns in our strategic blueprint, AIHAI is committed to optimize resource utilization through strict control over innovation management, mining planning, beneficiation technique, milling process, logistic and after-sales service.

Not limiting ourselves to only produce and supply highest quality products, AIHAI strives to be the world's leading talc solution provider in relevant industrial applications. For this reason, we have put up dedicated laboratories to support customers in product selection and improvement. Annually invested 5% of revenue into R&D, innovation program, beneficiation, sorting and milling technologies to address new customer needs and ensure continuous improvement.



Fully Automated Intelligent Warehouse and Flotation Mill to reducing environmental impact and waste, thus minimizing carbon footprint.

We are fully committed to quality management and continuous improvement. Ensuring consistency in quality is a major part of our corporate culture. AIHAI was the first Chinese talc producer certified with internationally recognized ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, and ISO/IEC17025 laboratory accreditation.