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Advanced Milling Technology

Thanks to our modern milling technologies, highly developed production processes and stringent quality system, AIHAI can achieve a high degree of productivity and flexibility enabling us to offer a broad range of high quality value-added products at different purity, whiteness and particle size distribution, to meet different application's current and future specific needs.

AIHAI's fully automatic packaging line guarantees accuracy, efficiency and consistency in packing, labeling and palletizing processes, maximizing product's shelf-life. It also plays an important role in workplace safety. 

Besides, AIHAI has formed partnership with BEPEX to develop compaction technologies specially designed for talc powder whereby fillers are compacted to soft flakes to increase their bulk weight combined with good dispersibility.

All production processes in AIHAI are integrated, operated and monitored under top performance PLC control system which is simple, easy to use, efficient and reliable. It helps to optimize production output, increase safety and ensure quality consistency.