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Business Unit
Aihai Minerals Europe GmbH
· To prepare monthly full set accounts which includes processing daily accounting functions in Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Fixed Assets, Inventory and others.
· To reconcile items in financial statements.
· To prepare monthly payroll report and support payroll process including preparation of payslips and payments.
· To respond financial enquries by gathering, summarizing, analysing, and interpreting data.
· To prepare yearly financial budget.
· To adhere Aihai’s standard of procedures, policies guidelines.
· To prepare audit schedules or statements for auditors.

· To prepare and declare various tax fillings includes business tax income and others.
· To estimate yearly business tax income payments.
· To prepare business income tax schedules or statements for tax agents.
· To prepare financial planining.
· To cooperate with Local Taxation Authority for all tax audits.

· To prepare and monitor cash flow forecasts.
· To monitor cash flow position.

· Assisting Management with other duties when required.
· Maintaining professionals strong working relationship with external and internal customers, colleagues, auditors, tax agent and others.
Job Requirement
1) Education
Candidate must possess at least Professional Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Accounting, Finance, Banking or equivalent.
2) Skills & Experience
· At least 3 years of experience specialized in Finance-General/Cost Accounting or equivalent with emphasis in manufacturing preferred.
· Good communication skills.
· Have experience working with a diversified management team.
· Have good knowledge of Accounting Principles (UGB) and Austrian Tax Law.
· Proficiency in MS office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
· Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
3) Language ability
Both Germany and English
4) Others
· Work experience in the use of ERP applications (SAP) will be added advantages.
· Preferably below age 40 years old.

Competencies Requirement
1) Core Competencies
· Good Communication skills in both oral and written
· Initiative
· Ability to work efficient and independent
· Strong analytical and problem solving skill
· Building trust
· Multi-tasking
· Good team player
· Vigilant and energetic
· Excellent interpersonal skills and love to people in all walks of life
· Self-motivated
· Knowledgable in ERP system
2) Position related Competencies
· Stress tolerance
over 3 years
Report Line
Managing Director

Contact: Zhou Meihong
Tel: +86(0)412-3268999 ext. 8229
Email: zhaopin@aihaitalc.com